“The change in my child's confidence has been astounding!"
"The staff are fantastic and supportive - 100% professional"
It's one big family and you learn so much from STADS"
"Varied classes offer great satisfaction" 

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About S.T.A.D.S

S.T.A.D.S is a performing arts school based in Picton, NSW. It's aim is to produce well rounded students and clients for all aspects of performance, stage, film, television and who are an asset to all directors, producers and companies they may work with.

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We offer a variety of classes across the various performing arts for ages 2 and up, including drama, singing, and dance (specifically: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap) as well as rotational strength, flexibility and technique.  

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Students from our drama classes have the opportunity to work further afield in advertising, T.V, movies, print, modelling , voice over, music, live theatre, corporate videos, feature films, documentaries, voice over stage and live promotional material.

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  • Term One: 5th February - 14th April

 - 27th Feb Camden Go Sees for A Place to Call Home.

 - March Filming of A Place to Call Home commences.

 - 5th March Mittagong Drama recommences.

 - 8th April - Love Simon night out.

- 11th April #choicenotforce doco                       released.

  • Term Two: 1st May - 7th July

 - 5th May - Illuminarte performance.

 - 16th May - Koala's doc released  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjy3E-uGH6g

 - 20th May S.T.A.D.S is at Uniquely Local.

 - 28th May S.T.A.D.S Dancers perform at ANZ Stadium.

 - 17th June S.T.A.D.S Dancers perform at Campbelltown Stadium.

 - 12th - 15th July 'What about us' Music video filming.

 - July - Agency Pics are renewed.

  • Term Three: 23rd July - 29th September

 - 24th July Latin / Salsa Classes commence 

- 18th August S.T.A.D.S perform at Leichhart Oval

  • Term Four: 15th October - 8th December

 - October 18th Ladies in Black is released.


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