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Want to go that little further with your career and experiences? S.T.A.D.S has openings for all age groups of people who would like an opportunity to work in TV, adverts, documentaries, movies and more.

What is the agency?

The S.T.A.D.S Agency was created so that students of S.T.A.D.S and other budding or established actors, have the opportunity to work further afield in advertising, T.V, Film, Print, Modeling, Voice over, Music, Live Theatre, Corporate videos, Feature films, Documentaries, Voice over stage and Live promotional material.

What can we offer?

Sarah prides herself on personal service and attention to each of the clients involved. Sarah has the unique opportunity of knowing each of her clients talents, skills and needs, and so can promote each one accordingly.

She has worked with major casting agencies and has been able to offer some incredible opportunities for many students and clients. The agency does not list thousands of people, but a unique and creative group, who can provide what a director or casting agent need.

Who can join?

Drama students and anyone from babies to adults have the opportunity to be involved in the agency. Commitment by both parents and clients is vital to making your auditions work for you. If you think you have what it takes, give Sarah a call today!!

What does the agency provide?

S.T.A.D.S Agency provides the following for students:

• A professional photo shoot

 • Membership onto one of the top casting sources in Australia – AT2 or Showcast.

 • A professional resume for the student to keep and add to in future years

 • The knowledge that you are with a teacher and agent that you can trust and rely on, to give the best service and advice possible to suit each clients individual needs.

 • Sarah also offers a 2 hour workshop on auditioning, working with the camera, cold readings and presentation at various times of the year.

Am I guaranteed work?

No one in the industry, even the well known actors, are guaranteed work. The acting profession is one of the most highly competitive, with the most people, vying for the smallest amount of work. What you WILL be guaranteed is that Sarah will only send you for the jobs suited for you and that she will work tirelessly to provide acting work for you.

What to do now?

  1. Contact Sarah for interview and discussion of what suits the student's needs.

  2. Enrol in one or all of the courses.

  3. Attend your photo shoots.

  4. Fill out all necessary documentation.

  5. Release of portfolio to media outlets.

  6. Register on one or more of the other available casting sites.

  7. Casting calls - As well as their lessons, children may be required to attend some auditions during school time.

To view more portfolio shots or to obtain any more information about the agency, contact Sarah at