S.T.A.D.S Code of Conduct

S.T.A.D.S. classes are conducted with professionalism and integrity. We believe in
offering a safe, nurturing, educational and inclusive environment for all of our staff,
parents and students .












  • Treat everyone with respect and honesty (this includes all staff,
  • volunteers, students, children, young people and parents).
  • Remember to always be a positive role model for your students
    and classmates.
  • Listen to your teachers and each other and ask questions if you
    are unsure. Communication is important.
  • Look out and support each other, you are a team!
  • Do your best in all activities undertaken.
  • Understand the boundaries between being a student or a staff
    member. Respect personal space.
  • Be understanding and accepting towards different ideas,
    opinions, backgrounds, abilities and interests. No two people
    are alike.
  • Follow the guidelines as set out in the Child-safe, Child-friendly
  • Report and act on any serious complaints.


  • Leave your child unsupervised for extended periods of time either before or after their classes.
  • Have any kind of favouritism towards any one student or staff
  • Bully, gossip or isolate any other student or staff member.
  • Take any video, photo’s or footage unless you have permission
    to. These cannot be published on social media without consent.
  • Withhold information that is vital to a student or staff members
    wellbeing within S.T.A.D.S.
  • Mistreat any costumes, props or items that do not belong to
  • Assist a child in any personal nature that they can do for
    themselves (ie, dressing or attending the bathroom).

Printable Copy

Please download a copy of the S.T.A.D.S Code of Conduct here 
and keep it in a place where it can be referred to during the term.