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"A very inclusive, nurturing environment for your child to explore and develop their talents."

"A welcoming environment that instilled confidence & lead to improved skill set & opportunity. Fantastic friendships made along the way"

"I love your philosophy of giving everyone a go. Passion over talent. You work so well with the kids that their self image blossoms under your care."

"The staff are fantastic and supportive - 100% professional"

"It's one big family and you learn so much from STADS"

"Very supportive and inclusive"

"Varied classes offer great satisfaction."

"There is a good vibe with students and parents - that is hard to find."

"Variety of offers, dance, sing, drama. Everyone welcome. Friendly atmosphere. Opportunity for all without the “competiveness"'

"Exciting, vibrant classes...."

"On par with N.I.D.A...."

"The positive change in our daughter has been amazing....."

"'We always contact STADS first for actors and extras. They are a professional group and the kids have always performed to the task at hand. Producing documentaries for broadcast, corporate work and online productions for a variety of organisations, Government departments and broadcasters, STADS are key to our success. We have produced period pieces set in early 1900s, 1938, 1930s, 1960s and the team are well prepared and costuming flawless. We recommend this group for their passion and professionalism. Well done Sarah in keeping theatre and drama alive and well!"

Sandra Pires - Why Documentaries

"S.T.A.D.S is a great opportunity for everyone to show their skills, as well as learn new skills. I have been at S.T.A.D.S for a while now and i have gotten so much more confident with my acting, singing and dancing. They offer so much and they are a really great place for everyone to join. I would reccomend anyone to join as its good for experience, just for fun or even if your looking for a career in it. It is a great place."

"I have watched STADS grow from an inspired and almost seemingly impossible dream in Sarah's mind to the thriving community of young people that it has become today! Sarah's skills as a creative performing artist are well renowned but what makes STADS special is the gift that she has with kids. Sarah challenges and supports her students to be the best they can be... and to grow into creative and reflective young adults! I think that these kids and their families are very fortunate to have found this gem of a service! You are amazing, Sarah! Keep up the good work!"

"My Miss 9 has been with S.T.A.D.S a few years and Miss 6 started this year. They both love it. It offers something for all ages and performance levels and all kids who join are made to feel a part of the S.T.A.D.S family. Joined my girls up to help develop confidence, not just in performing but in all aspects of their life. And not just that - to have fun, and they are definitely achieving that!"

"Developing local talent and peer leaders - Fully recommended"

"Sarah, and all the girls at STADS are an amazing group of people. They have such an ability to bring the fun to dancing . My daughter has a beautiful relationship with Sarah and Sarah has made her do things that I could never get her to do. The whole STADS team make everyone feel like family and are very inspiring to the younger children.."

"My daughter Jemma went through this school a few years back and grew in leaps and bounds from all the experiences she was offered throughout S.T.A.D.S !! The structure and opportunities from this school is priceless ... Not to mention the solid relationships that are formed ... Thank you so very much for giving my daughter a place where she could grow and be creative when she needed to. Sarah You are amazing !!! Xxxx""

"STADS is amazing! You learn so much while having a blast. Sarah makes sure of that. Sarah also makes sure everyone has the same opertunity of greatness with the STADS agency! I highly recommend STADS to anyone who is interested in giving their kids anything from a fun after school activity, to the training of the next oscar winning performer."

"I don't know where my daughter would be without STADS. It was her life for so many years and the skills she acquired over the years have help her as a young adult in many aspects. Now as a trained Childcare educator those skills of drama dance and singing have meant her preschool kiddies are throughly entertained. STADS has given her confidence and belief in herself. Sarah does a great job with the team and gives puts so much effort into every aspect."

"STADS is a great local dance and drama school that caters for all age groups and levels of ability. The teachers are both talented and wonderful with the students taking interest in them on a individual basis and give the kids confidence to try new things. They are more than happy to discuss your child's progress and give suggestions on how to help them at home. I recommend anyone wanting to give their child a alternative to sports or other activities to contact the wonderful people at STADS and have a chat you never know you may have a star in your home ."

"My 14 year old daughter has attended STADS for many years now. While she has been involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities over this time, STADS is the one activity she has eagerly wanted to participate in each week. My daughter’s experience at STADS has helped her develop confidence and self-esteem which has had a positive flow on effect, not only at school, but in other areas of her life. STADS provides a positive, supportive and fun environment for children and young adults to develop life-long skills. I highly recommend STADS."

"In a world that at times can be so disconnected I can only say that our path was meant to cross with Sarah Schols of S.T.A.D.S. and her wonderful enthusiastic team. Our son Callum has finally found his path after beating to a different drum for many years we have finally been able to get him to join the band of like minded and with the support of S.T.A.D.S. watch a manifestation of self growth within the performing Arts. "

"S.T.A.D.S. has instilled confidence, articulation, independence, awareness, respect and brilliance of skill that assists every smiling face that walks in and out the class doors. What more can parents want than for their child to be happy doing what they are passionate about? "

"S.T.A.D.S. has given opportunity to work within the industry and also nurtured further thought about a passionate future. It is one thing to say I want to be a ‘famous actor’ and another to say ‘I want to be an actor’. It delights us to hear “I want to explore directing" and “I think I might go to Sydney Film School and learn more about the industry” and my favourite “I love what I am doing”.

The peer support from within the group is lovely to watch from the sidelines and as the months turn into weeks and the weeks into days and nearer to end of year performance we collect our children from classes and see the bonds that have established and the laughter following them out the door.
It is also very humbling to see the philanthropic side to the S.T.A.D.S with charity work undertaken. Each and every year it also reminds our children to be grounded and think about others whilst on their own personal journey.

So when all the stars align for our son and he becomes one (so we are told) we too can be happy with the choices we have made in believing in Sarah, the good work of S.T.A.D.S. and for inspiring Callum to live the dream.
Keep on keeping on S.T.A.D.S. we are grateful ."

"Our daughter has been at STADS for the past few years to which she has so much enjoyed. The opportunities and support are amazing, highly recommended, we are so glad we found you Sarah, you & your team are the best by far Thank you xoxo"

"Love the people, the performance and the games. Really happy with the outcome and noticed an improvement in confidence."

"‘I have really enjoyed the group feeling - all working together in a common goal, this is definitely achieved!"

“I’d like to thank you so much for the encouragement and support you have given (our son) over the years. He has enjoyed your classes and other activities immensely.... We owe our gratitude to you for helping (him) grow with self- confidence.’

"Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for all of your help over the past 9 months or so. It has been an absolute pleasure... And, although the project has been chaotic from start to finish we some how managed to make it this far and we certainly could not have done that without you!" Adam Loughlin - Director - Merlin Live Pty Ltd

"Thanks agaaaaaaaaaaaaain Sarah! STADS is the best drama school around ppls. Thanks to your beautiful students who have been taught sooo well." Sandra Pires - Director - Why Documentaries

"(We) love everything about S.T.A.D.S, the teacher, our friends, and the acting"

"(She) has had a wonderful year with S.T.A.D.S with great teamwork and involvement"

"In November 2006, Picton Theatre Group successfully presented their production of "Hits of Hollywood"....(we had) a segment of the programme presented by Sarah Schols and students from her drama group S.T.A.D.S., performing numbers from "Annie" and "Hairspray". Under Sarah's direction, their performance was outstanding. They proved to be a pleasure to work with, willingly adhering to, and respecting, all the rules and regulations which are necessary backstage to ensure a smooth presentation, and I would regard it as a pleasure to work with these students in future productions. Thank you all so much." - Denise French, Director, "Hits of Hollywood".

"We can be ourselves and have freedom of speech".

"Brilliant tuition. She (Sarah) has done wonders with the "kids", although as kids their ages range from tiny to adult."

"(I) love learning new and exciting things and that I have a chance to be in the Agency."

"I love STADS! I love the games we play."

"(We) get to make new friends and have fun."

"(She) loves the Drama, friends, choir, dance and her public speaking skills have improved out of sight!"

"We all thought that the concert was excellent and we like the way that all participants are able to contribute ideas for scripts etc."

"Loves the drama, really great teacher, new friends have been made."

"'Love the challenge of learning new plays and the chance to perform at the end of the year. (S.T.A.D.S) provides a creative outlet, a chance to use imagination and (we) love to play the games".

" I like that we all get a say in what we do".

"'(I) enjoy everything about S.T.A.D.S. Tuition is very reasonable. School results in English have improved to extension levels. New doors have opened".

"'(I) enjoy the plays and the fun activities each week. (My daughter) absolutely loves it and I am happy for her change in confidence. I think this is a wonderful experience for her, that she doesn't want to end. Thanks Sarah".

"(S.T.A.D.S.) has developed my child's self confidence and improved public speaking skills. (It) develops cognitive skills e.g.: training to understand not only the basic text but what the motivations are behind the characters etc. which is really good for improving English skills. Good social training".

"After being with S.T.A.D.S for a year, my daughter has heaps of confidence speaking in front of people, and has just been chosen for the regional public speaking competition!"

"'There has been a definate improvement in confidence and leadership skills. (He) enjoys the social and performing aspect of the group and always wants to attend".

"Sarah is very clever! The work with the children and the performance creation was just fantastic. 10 points!"